Rogers offering iPhone 12 for $16/month financing with trade-in

Trading in an old iPhone XR or XS will net you $360 in credits

iPhone 12

If you have an old iPhone XR or XS and want to up your smartphone game, Rogers is currently offering a great trade-in deal where you can get the 64 GB iPhone 12 for $16 per month.

According to the promotions page on Rogers’ website, the deal is only available in-store. Firstly, you trade in your old iPhone XR or XS for a $360 trade-in credit. While the promotion page says the trade-in credit is for old XR and XS devices only, you should be able to trade in any device, depending on its market value. You can get a quote for your device here.

You need to then purchase a 64GB iPhone 12 through Rogers ‘Upfront Edge’ device financing. That will net you an additional $420 in credits and reduce the monthly financing cost of the phone.

The iPhone 12 is listed for $1,164 on Rogers’ website. When you combine the credits, they add up to $780. So the amount left to pay is $384, which you’ll pay as $16 per month payments for 24 months.

It’s worth noting that you’ll have to pay a $50 setup fee and that under Rogers’ Upfront Edge financing program, you must return your device after two years or pay a fee if you want to keep it. You can get the iPhone 12 without trading in an old phone for a slightly higher monthly cost. As mentioned, the device’s price is $1,164, and you get a $420 credit when you finance it with Upfront Edge. This leaves you with $744 to be paid over 24 months, roughly $31 per month for 24 months.

You can learn more about the promotion here.

Image credit: Rogers

Source: Rogers

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