Microsoft promotes The Rock’s energy drink brand with Xbox Series X mini-fridge

The fridge is neat, but seems like Canadians won't be able to get one

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest to get in on the Xbox Series X ‘fridge’ meme by sending out tiny fridges that look like Microsoft’s latest game console to celebrities and influencers.

Microsoft announced the partnership with The Rock via a blog post, which also detailed a contest people could enter to win one of these custom Xbox Series X-style mini-fridge. The contest opens on March 25th, but unfortunately, Microsoft says it’s only open to U.S. residents.

If you’re wondering why The Rock partnered with Microsoft to launch an Xbox-styled mini-fridge, it’s all about promoting the actor’s new energy drink brand, Zoa. The Xbox mini-fridge also features Zoa branding, and the whole thing appears to be a stunt to get gamers interested in Johnson’s new drink.

Alongside Microsoft’s contest, The Rock also launched a page on the Zoa website promoting Zoa as “energy drinks for gaming warriors.” The site goes on to describe Zoa as the “health” option for gamers.

Zoa comes in five flavours, each in a zero-sugar variant. Cases of 12 retail for $29.98 USD on the Zoa website (about $37.51 CAD).

While a neat promotion, it’s a bummer that Canadians won’t get a chance to win one via the contest. Plus, since it seems to be just a promotional stunt, Microsoft likely won’t sell the Xbox mini-fridge anywhere either.

It’s worth noting Microsoft previously gave a full-sized Xbox Series X fridge to Snoop Dogg.

Source: Microsoft Via: Eurogamer

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