Ottawa Health intern Ryan Reynolds reminds Canadians to wear a mask and stay home

"We can do this, and we will do this," says Ryan Reynolds

Remember Ottawa Public Health’s strange Super Bowl-related tweet?

Well, this whole time Bruce apparently was Canada’s pride and joy, Ryan Reynolds.

The Public Health department tweeted a video on March 12th, revealing that Bruce the intern’s identity is well-known Hollywood actor Reynolds.

In the video, Reynold says, “Yes I occasionally tweet from Ottawa Public Health. Why? Everybody does. About the Super Bowl, in my defence, these days I’m just, I’m so busy, okay? So just…so back off. On Super Bowl Sunday, I just forgot.”

For those missing out on the joke, the original tweet can be found below.

This, of course, is a joke. Ottawa Health followed up with more information about spotting misinformation online and reminded followers that Bruce doesn’t actually exist.

In the video, Reynolds reminds Ottawa citizens that amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they should wash their hands, wear a mask, stay home whenever possible, get tested, and get a vaccine.

“We can do this, and we will do this,” says Reynolds. “Steady as she goes, Ottawa.”

Ottawa Public Health shared a statement saying that Reynolds contacted its social media team to compliment how well it has been sharing important information during the pandemic. The Public Health department then suggested the Bruce video concept, and Reynolds agreed to be part of the joke.

Source: CTV News Ottawa

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