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Google adding kids profiles to Google TV operating system

These features should come to Canada in the next few months

Google is adding children profiles to its Google TV operating system to make it easier for parents to manage what their children are watching on the platform.

This update is rolling out soon in the U.S. and globally over the next few months. So far, the only way to get Google TV in Canada is with the new Chromecast. However, we may see more TVs release with the operating system throughout the year as Google slowly phases out Android TV.

The main focus of this update is to make sure that the TV space only provides kid-friendly content to the users, but there are other useful features packed in that will likely delight tech-savvy parents.

Parents can now approve what apps get loaded onto a kids’ account, and all of the pre-built Google TV recommendations will feature child-friendly content. Parents can also share movies and TV shows they’ve purchased with the children. That said, you’ll need to select what content to share since Google doesn’t want to include R-rated content automatically.

Google has also added a daily screen time management section so parents can place limits on how much time their kids spend watching the TV. This feature even gives kids three warnings before the timer runs out, so they’re not surprised.

A few of these features can be controlled through Google’s Family Link app for people who already have that setup.

The final addition to Google TV for Kids are several cool custom-designed wallpapers. These don’t add a lot to the experience, but they look more fun than the traditional Google TV home screen, so I’m sure kids will find them more appealing.

Source: Google

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