Telegram launches new tool to import WhatsApp chat history on iOS

The app is making it easier for users making the switch to its platform

Telegram is launching a new tool that lets users import their chat history from WhatsApp to make it easier to switch to its platform.

With the ongoing controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Telegram has seen an influx of new users. It seems that Telegram is now looking to attract even more users with this new feature.

The tool is currently only available on iOS and doesn’t seem to be live on Android yet. It’s worth noting that users can also import chat histories from Line and KakaoTalk.

In order to import chats from the Facebook-owned platforms and continue the conversation on Telegram, both WhatsApp users need to have a Telegram account.

The process of importing conversations works on a chat-by-chat basis. It also seems to work with both group and individual chats. You can import a conversation by opening up the chat and tapping the information screen and selecting the ‘Export Chat’ option.

Once you click on that, you can select Telegram, after which you can choose which Telegram chat to import the conversation into. You also have the option to import chats with or without images.

Messages that have been imported into Telegram will have an ‘Imported’ label on them outlining when the message was sent and when it was imported. It’s worth noting that messages that have been imported will appear in the order they were imported instead of when they were sent.

Source: The Verge

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