Elon Musk says Tesla Full Self-Driving will come to Canada ‘very soon’

In a tweet, Musk explained there were subtle difference between U.S. and Canadian traffic rules to account for


Tesla’s much anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) software could arrive in beta for Canadians “very soon,” according to CEO Elon Musk.

In a tweet, Musk said the FSD beta “will be extended to Canada very soon,” noting there are “subtle, important, differences” between U.S. and Canadian traffic rules. Previously, Musk has suggested the FSD beta would come to Canada in December, but it looks like that won’t happen now. Instead, we’ll likely see it in early 2021.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving has been a long-running promise of the pricey electric vehicles. Currently, it’s being tested by select users in the U.S. with a full release expected sometime in 2021. Tesla drivers can use FSD to let their vehicles take over and handle the driving for them.

It’s worth noting that FSD is different from Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’ feature. Autopilot comes included with Tesla vehicles while FSD is available with an additional fee. FSD offers features like traffic-aware cruise control, automatic steering and lane-changing, navigation, ‘summon’ features that let the car come to the driver and more. The more limited Autopilot feature is available in Canada.

Hopefully, when the FSD beta does arrive in Canada, Tesla owners use it responsibly. There have been several reports of people using self-driving features like Autopilot while falling asleep behind the wheel or to taxi them home while intoxicated. FSD isn’t meant to take over entirely and the system requires the driver to remain alert and ready to take over from the car.

Source: @elonmusk Via: Tesla North

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