Chipolo launches ‘Ocean Edition’ Bluetooth tracker made with plastic from the sea

Chipolo worked with Oceanworks.co to source recycled ocean plastic to make the outer shell of its One Bluetooth tracker

Chipolo One Ocean Edition

Chipolo is launching a new ‘Ocean Edition’ of its One Bluetooth tracker. The new Chipolo One Ocean Edition features a sustainably sourced outer shell made from plastic waste collected from oceans.

Chipolo worked with ‘Oceanwork.co,’ which sources recycled materials from oceans, material recovered from fishing nets, trawls and ropes floating in the sea, and more. These plastics are collected and turned into pellets, which are then used to create the polypropylene plastic encasing the Chipolo One tracker.

Along with using recycled plastics, the Chipolo One Ocean Edition retains all the features available in Chipolo’s typical One Bluetooth tracker. That includes out of range alerts, two-year battery life with a replaceable battery, sound alerts, sharing, memorized locations, a lost and found network, support for voice assistants and more.

Chipolo One Ocean Edition will be available for $30 USD (about $39.93 CAD) on Chipolo’s website. Additionally, Chipolo will pledge $1 from every purchase of an Ocean Edition tracker to non-profit organization Oceanic Global to support ocean clean-up efforts.

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