Jumbo Privacy can help you stay protected online [App of the Month]

If you want to protect yourself online this is a great place to start

If you’re worried about protecting yourself online, mobile app Jumbo can help put your mind at ease.

When you set up the app, you provide it with information like your email address, Gmail account, social media accounts and more, and it offers a ton of tricks to lock down your online life.

For instance, once I set it up on my Android phone, the app asked me to delete older Facebook posts, block in-app trackers, and it found four different accounts that used my primary email that have been compromised.

The best part about the app is how accessible it is. During set up you can choose either ‘beginner,’ ‘intermediate’ or ‘pro’ depending on how much you know about digital privacy. I choose intermediate, and every time I tapped on a setting, I was greeted with a brief popup explaining what it does and why I might want to enable it.

On a side note, these are often really well illustrated as well so it feels more user friendly than reading about how to maintain your digital privacy online. This is an app that I would recommend to my parents and other people that are less familiar with tech since it does such a good job of teaching users about online security.

How it works

Home is where you get alerts for the app to do things like deleting your search history and other bits of data that you might not want anymore. After your initial setup, this is the page where you spend most of your time.

The second page called ‘Protect’ is where you add all your accounts so Jumbo can scan them for privacy issues. Below this section on the Protect page is also some useful cards that tech you about online privacy.

Next, you can subscribe to either Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro so you can connect to even more accounts.

This allows users can gain protection on Instagram, Alexa, Facebook messenger and more. If you use these sites or services a lot, it’s likely worth doing since it uses a ‘Pay what’s fair’ approach, so you get to choose a price between $4 and $9 CAD.

Jumbo Pro takes things to the next level by including everything from Plus, with unlimited app tracker blocking and LinkedIn integration. In Canada, it costs $11.99 per month.

The final page is called the ‘Vault,’ a secure place where Jumbo will save anything that you delete. For instance, if I chose to delete my old Facebook posts, they would then go into the vault.

Overall this is a really streamlined and straightforward app that everyone should use at least once to make sure they’re following safe practices online.

You can download Jumbo for free on iOS and Android.

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