Chatr switching to LTE networks, keeping 3G speeds

This brings the carrier in line with Lucky and Public Mobile

Rogers’ low-cost flanker brand Chatr is moving some of its subscribers over to its LTE network to provide them with a better connection. However, they’ll still be throttled down to 3G data speeds.

You can learn about the change by reading Chatr’s FAQ section. In summary, anyone who is on one of the carrier’s ‘Nation-wide’ plans with an LTE compatible phone and SIM card will be automatically moved to the LTE network.

If you know you should be on the network, but you still see the 3G indicator icon on your phone, try turning it off and back on again.

While this is an interesting change, it shouldn’t affect Chatr subscribers very much. MobileSyrup has reached out to Rogers to ask what specific download and upload speeds Chatr customers can expect and if the carrier plans to increase the Chatr data speeds in the future.

Lucky and Public Mobile, owned by Bell and Telus respectively, both already do this to their customers, so Chatr is playing catch up in this instance.

Source: Chatr

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