Apple explains its return policy amid coronavirus store closures

Apple is still fixing people's broken devices

Apple has closed all of its retail stores outside of China amid the coronavirus panic, which has led to a lot of questions about device repairs, returns and Genius Bar appointments.

First up, if you recently bought a new Apple product and you want to return it within your 14 days, but you can’t because all of the Apple Stores are closed, don’t worry. The company plans to re-open its stores on March 27th, and any return windows that expired when the store was closed will last another 14 days.

Beyond returning devices, Apple also stated that anyone who had submitted a device to an Apple Store to be repaired will be able to pick it up on March 16th. If your device isn’t fixed yet, Apple will contact you with more information.

You can look up the status of your device repair on Apple’s website. 

If you need to get a device repaired, you can do it online or contact Apple Support. 

Source: Apple

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