Restaurants Canada partners with app developer Smooth Commerce to improve mobile ordering experience

Restaurants Canada, a national not-for-profit that represents Canada’s food service industry, is now announcing a new partnership with Smooth Commerce.

Smooth Commerce is a mobile app and web ordering provider that gives businesses a platform that allows customers to order for pick-up, delivery, pay and more.

Because of the partnership, Restaurants Canada members will get a cost reduction with their app’s design and setup fees.

“It’s a mobile-first world we live in and smartphone users expect a great experience when browsing,” said Christopher Barry the director of Membership at Restaurants Canada, in a press release. “With Smooth Commerce, we’re giving restaurant operators a cost-efficient way to provide a great mobile experience, the potential to integrate into their POS, and offer third-party delivery while holding onto their own customer data — all at the same time. Operators are telling us they want to protect their brand and customer data. Smooth Commerce’s solution is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure their brand does not get lost in the delivery app world.”

Smooth Commerce will help more restaurants set up designated apps like McDonald’s and Tim Hortons that’ll allow customers to pay in advance and have the food ready to get picked up.

Source: Restaurants Canada, Smooth Commerce

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