New report reveals what ports are actually featured on the rear of the Xbox Series X

The console won't feature USB-C, according to this report

Xbox Series X

Why AMD decided to show off a fake render of the rear of the Xbox Series X remains a perplexing decision on the company’s part. While the image turned out not to be accurate, it makes sense why so many assumed it was.

Given AMD is manufacturing the CPU/GPU for the new Xbox, most would assume that any image of the console released by the company would be legitimate.

With all that in mind, new rumours surrounding the ports featured on the rear of Microsoft’s next-generation video game console have appeared, this time courtesy of Thurrott.

According to “several insiders” the publication spoke to, the Series X features two USB-A ports, ethernet, one HDMI port, optical audio and a power connection. There’s also a mysterious port on the rear that might be used for debugging, though it remains unclear. Thurrott also published an image of how the ports and air intake vents are situated on the rear of the Series X that you can find at this link.

Strangely, Microsoft hasn’t opted to feature USB Type-C in its new Xbox. While understandable, this seems like a strange decision on the company’s part given that USB-C is becoming increasingly popular and common. Even most of the company’s Surface devices feature a mix of USB-A and USB-C.

As always, it’s important to note that this is just a report so it’s possible the console’s final design could change prior to its release this coming fall.

Update 08/01/2020: Windows Central has corroborated Thurrott’s report regarding the Series X’s rear port array. The publication has also released a 3D render of the console, giving us a better look at its size.

Source: Thurrott

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