Google adds more commands to Assistant to manage privacy settings

Hey Google, please give me some privacy

Google Home Mini

Since Google Assistant is used by over 500 million people across 90 different countries, the tech giant announced at CES 2020 that it added two more commands to easily access privacy controls.

For starters, you can now tell the voice assistant to delete a conversation it accidentally recorded by saying “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you.”

Along with that, you can ask more about your privacy controls by saying “Hey Google, are you saving my audio data?” which will then let you adjust your settings accordingly.

There are other ways to use Google Assistant to control or receive information about privacy.

For example, you can tell the voice assistant to delete activity that’s been recorded by saying “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week.”

If you’re also unsure or interested about how Google Assistant conceals your privacy, you can ask questions relating to the topic such as “Hey Google, how do you keep my information private?”

Source: Google

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