Skype for Android is answering calls automatically, fix is on the way

Auto-answering calls is a Skype feature, but users who have it turned off may find the app still answers automatically


Microsoft’s Skype app on Android has a big problem: it answers incoming calls automatically, even when you tell it not to.

While some might question why you’d ever want an automatic answering feature, Microsoft does make a decent argument for it. The company notes that it’s useful for things like checking on your pets when you’re not around, or as an alternative to a dedicated baby monitor.

The auto-answer feature comes turned off by default, so it’s not something most people have to worry about. However, a bug with the Android app turns the function on, even if you turn it off in settings.

Considering that businesses primarily use Skype, this is a particularly egregious bug that jeopardizes privacy.

As for what’s causing the issue, it’s not clear at this time. Some users reported disconnecting their Google Wear, or Samsung Gear smartwatch fixed the problem. Others tried reliable fixes like clearing the app’s cache, deleting data and reinstalling, but those didn’t work either.

Thankfully, a fix is already on the way. Users have reported that the latest Skype preview app fixes the problem. If you’re experiencing the issue, you may want to download the preview from the Play Store.

Microsoft isn’t the only big tech company with significant, privacy-ruining bugs in a video chat app. Apple recently had a major FaceTime bug that allowed a caller to gain access to the recipient’s microphone and potentially front-facing camera, even if they don’t answer the call.

Apple removed the Group FaceTime feature entirely while it worked to fix the bug. The function has since returned to iPhones and, for now, is bug-free.

Source: Android Police Via: Thurrott

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