Global News, Postmedia and TVO included in Google News Initiative funding

Canadian outlets Global News, Postmedia, TVO and 84 other recipient publications across 23 countries are included in Google News Initiative’s (GNI) funding.

GNI’s purpose is to help newsrooms and publishers strengthen online video abilities and create new interesting formats for video journalism, says Google.

“Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to supporting a strong future for news video,” said Timothy Katz, director of news partnerships at YouTube.

“Hailing from 23 countries around the world, they represent a diverse array of broadcasters, traditional and digital publishers, local media, agencies and creators, but all share a commitment to quality journalism and a spirit of innovation.”


Katz says that most of these projects will focus on newsroom expansion with ‘video operations’ and new ways to report news in a video medium.

For other projects, the funding will be used to sustain news organizations struggling financially and help create business models to ensure more stability.

This will be particularly helpful for Postmedia, since the company announced a $1.4 million loss after Paul Godfrey stepped down as CEO on January 10th.

Image Credit: YouTube Official Blog

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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