Here’s how to see if your Facebook data was accessed in a ‘View As’ hack

Roughly 30 million users were targeted in the 'View As' attacks


Facebook has revealed additional details about the type of information that was hacked during a recent user account security breach on the platform.

According to the social media giant, leaked data includes personal details such as religion, location, gender and even the type of device used to access the platform.

Facebook says that through an initial batch of 400,000 accounts, hackers managed to steal access tokens for 30 million users, with the above personal information being gathered for 14 million accounts.

Approximately 15 million hacked users had their names, contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses accessed.

Hackers didn’t access information from the remaining one million targeted accounts.Facebook account

Thankfully, the process for finding out if your account has fallen victim to this latest data breach is relatively easy.

Users simply need to navigate to Facebook’s Help Center and take a look at the bottom of the page for a notification that states whether their accounts have been compromised.

If an account has been affected, the notice then tells users what specific information was breached in the hack.

Facebook says that if a user’s personal account was accessed, they don’t need to do anything to secure it since only tokens were leaked and not user passwords.

The social network says it already reset access tokens when the hacks were discovered.

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