Google Photos testing Colour Pop filter, manual bokeh adjustment

Google is testing the features in a limited server-side rollout

Google Photos

Google Photos may be getting new manual ‘Colour Pop’ and bokeh features soon.

It appears Google is doing yet another server-side test, this time with new editing features in Photos. Some users have noticed the new features in the Google Photos edit mode.

You may remember Colour Pop from a few months ago. Google began including the feature in the Assistant tab built into Photos. Assistant used AI to isolate the subject and apply Colour Pop. The feature removed or reduced the colour of the background to make the subject pop.

Google Photos Colour Pop and manual bokeh feature

However, the feature was only available through the Assistant and didn’t see an extensive rollout.

Now, it looks like Google is testing a manual filter that users can apply to a photo. Users can select a photo from their library and apply a Colour Pop filter.

Additionally, it appears that some users can adjust background and foreground blur effects manually. It works like the manual aperture adjustment featured in the newest iPhones.

It appears this feature will work on any photo, not just photos shot with depth effects.

Unfortunately, the features still appear buggy. It likely will be a while before we see a wide rollout from Google with these features.

Image: Android Police

Source: Android Police

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