Rogers to bring Ignite TV IPTV platform to Atlantic Canada next year

The Canadian carrier says its platform has been well-received by customers so far

Canadian national telecom service provider Rogers used a July 30th, 2018 to formally show off the company’s Ignite TV IPTV platform recently released in select Ontario markets.

The event was led by Rogers senior vice president of content and residential product Eric Bruno.

Reporters were shown Ignite TV’s new voice-enabled remote, as well as the modem and set-top box that subscribers must purchase in order to use the service.

While Bruno didn’t comment on precisely how many Torontonians had signed up for Ignite TV, he took time to answer questions about the product’s future rollout in the rest of Rogers’ cable footprint.

According to Bruno, the company plans on gradually expanding the service throughout Ontario over the course of 2018, while a launch in Atlantic Canada is planned for 2019.

“From our standpoint, we’re really happy with where we are,” Bruno told reporters.

“At this point now, with thousands of employees and now beginning to add customers, we’re really ready to ramp up awareness.”

New marketing machines

In addition to showing off the Ignite TV platform, Rogers also took time to highlight a new commercial aimed at raising awareness about the company’s new IPTV offering.

The new advertisement stars Lucy Liu, Gordon Ramsay, Paul Sorvino, as well as Rogers technician Peter Dafos.

The commercial highlights Ignite TV’s ability to deliver Netflix content, YouTube content and live television programming, while attempting to put a human face to Ignite TV.

Rogers has also commissioned three travel trailers decked out in Ignite TV branding — and filled with televisions connected to Ignite TV modems and set-top boxes — to go to events and educate the public about the company’s television offering.

“They will be starting everywhere in the [Greater Toronto Area],” explained Bruno.

“Eventually, they’ll be everywhere in Ontario and eventually they’ll be everywhere in the footprint.”

Bruno repeatedly described the Ignite TV marketing process and rollout as “rolling thunder.”

Ignite TV tied to Comcast X1

While the company is currently working on rolling out Ignite TV to the rest of Ontario, Rogers is also working closely with U.S.-based telecom service provider Comcast to prepare for the future of the Ignite TV platform.

Comcast’s X1 platform forms Ignite TV’s developmental backbone. Any advancements made to X1 will also be reflected in Ignite TV.

“One of the things we do is we let them get the product into market, we let them try the product…but we’re a fast follow,’ said Bruno.

Bruno added that both the Ignite TV and Comcast X1 platforms are flexible.

“When you think about Ignite TV, think about it [as] just one step to a really amazing and fantastic connected smart home,” said Bruno.

Bruno’s comments echo statements made by Rogers president and CEO Joe Natale in regards to the Ignite TV platform being at the centre of future smart homes.

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