Rogers says it will launch its Comcast X1-based IPTV offering in the ‘first quarter of 2018’


  • Dimitri

    Glad to see this but hopefully the price won’t be skyrocketing but we shall see.

    Just hope they get better quality cable boxes that actually work and don’t do updates at 2am and forcing us to record a show or the music channel so the box doesn’t do it’s updates. Remember some watch tv late at night so that’s why.

    Also they need to train their reps on this before it gets launched. No need for reps not to know and give the incorrect information as always.

    • I’d expect it to be pretty expensive in the 4K tiers, but probably pretty affordable for HD service, if only to attract more customers at launch.

    • Dimitri

      Yeah sadly that’s what I though. Renting a 4K PVR at $24.99 per month is expensive enough. If paying more for the box and 4K content that I am paying now, I’ll skip it and stay either with what I have now, or use my Sony Android 4K tv (55x850D) and use Kodi instead.

  • Andrew English

    I will stick to my 4k IPTV service that I have now which I pay $15 a month for. Now granted I don’t have a PVR, I don’t really find myself needing to record stuff.

    • Me Ted

      Which service is that?

    • JoMore

      Probably a VPN connection for streaming/torrenting

  • bloodless

    Won’t there be an X2 platform by that time ?

  • Fazullah Kharoti

    Why would I bother with this or even monthly payments after discovering and loving tvsmart dot ca. Anywhere in the GTA!

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