Google updates salad, goat emoji in Android P Developer Preview 3

Emoji cushions

Following its work on correctly placed cheese and returning gravity to beer foam, Google is fixing its other emoji.

Included with Android P Developer Preview 3 are a number of new emojis and changes to existing emojis. Along with fancy new gender-neutral emoji, Google’s designers have taken the time to fix some of the company’s other emoji.

Most of the work involves bringing certain emojis in line with Unicode’s descriptions. However, some emoji just needed a bit of love.

Jennifer Daniel, a UX-Art manager for Google’s Expressions team, tweeted that the salad emoji no longer contains eggs. She later responded to the tweet, saying the new salad was designed to be more faithful to Unicode’s description. According to Unicode, the salad emoji should be “a bowl of healthy salad, containing lettuce, tomato and other salad items such as cucumber.”

Beyond simply aligning design with description, Daniel felt the need to cheer up some of the animals. The goat is no longer angry and the turtle lost in his pleasantly stoned look.

I for one prefer the old turtle. He looked quite content. The new turtle looks terrified, but he’s trying to put a good face on his fear.

The old goat also had some sass.

Either way, the updates to make emoji more inclusive and in line with Unicode are welcome. And as long as Google doesn’t pull a Facebook, I’m happy.


Why Zuck, why?

Source: AV News

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