Apple Music users will be able to search songs by using lyrics in iOS 12

There are a few visual changes as well

Apple Music

There are a ton of iOS 12 features that are still trickling out from WWDC and one of these is a subtle design refresh to Apple Music.

The biggest change is coming to the back end of the app. Users will soon be able to find for songs by searching the lyrics in the app, according to AppleInsider.

Apple added lyrics to Apple Music with iOS 10, but users need to be online to access them. So whether or not users will be able to use this feature without an internet connection is still unconfirmed.

The next change is a bit more visual. The artist photos that are in the app have been expanded to be a larger square shape. This could be since the iPhone X has a taller display so Apple has more room to work with.

Apple has also added a large Play button to the top of an artist’s page that will play through all of the tracks in the musician’s discography.

Image credit: AppleInsider

Source: AppleInsider

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