Koodo Mobile launches new Tab Extra Large pricing tier

There's a new way to grab a high-end phone at Koodo


Koodo customers can now get high-end devices for less upfront with the addition of a new pricing tier with a larger ‘Tab.’

Telus-owned Koodo today launched Tab Extra Large, which allows customers to put up to $720 of the cost of a premium smartphone on their Tab, which they must subsequently pay out monthly over two years.

Previously, the highest pricing tier was Tab Large, which allowed for customer to up to $480 on their Tab.

“This change allows Koodo customers more flexibility to get the latest and greatest phones at low up front cost,” said Koodo in a statement.

The new Tab is available immediately to both new and existing Koodo customers, but in-store only.

In Ontario and across most of its footprint, the tier begins at $80 per month for 5GB of data, 500 nation-wide minutes and unlimited text. Currently, there’s also a bonus 3GB data add-on for 24 months, in keeping with the recent spate of data deals.

In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, it starts at $45 for unlimited nation-wide minutes and text with 5GB + 2GB of data. In Quebec, it starts at $49 for unlimited nation-wide minutes and text with 6GB + 2GB.

Virgin Mobile, owned by Bell, recently introduced a ‘Diamond’ high-end tier. Rogers-owned Fido, meanwhile, already offers an ‘Extra Large’ tier with up to $900 off the upfront cost of a phone.