Solar powered iPhone X available for almost $6,300

The solar panels are part of a battery case mounted on the phone

Close up of iPhone X Tesla

Russian accessory maker Caviar is selling solar powered versions of the iPhone X for almost $6,300 CAD.

Caviar branded the smartphone the iPhone X ‘Tesla.’ However, the solar functions aren’t built into the phone. The Tesla portion is really just a thick phone case attached directly to the device. The solar panels power a second battery in the Tesla that gives the iPhone some extra juice.

According to Caviar’s website, the case itself features a carbon fibre covering, anodized buttons and a gilded nameplate on the top with a battery charge indicator underneath a ‘composite lazuli’ cover. Caviar also claims the case is IP67 water and dust resistant.

iPhone X Tesla

The website advertises that you pay after inspection. Additionally, the transaction is accompanied by a personal consultant, although it isn’t clear what that entails.

On top of all that, the phone comes in a lacquered wood box. The box also includes an authenticity and warranty certificate, USB cable and charger and a stereo set.

According to a report by AppleInsider, Caviar will only make 999 units. Caviar will number each phone in the order it’s produced. The first will be engraved with “Made on Earth by Humans” as a homage to the Tesla car Musk launched into space with Space X. Caviar named the phone in honour of Elon Musk.

The phone will be available in both 64 and 256 GB options. The 64 GB will run $4897 USD, roughly $6269 CAD, and the 256 GB will run $5155 USD, roughly $6599 CAD. Caviar’s site also offers free delivery to your city, but notes that local taxes and custom duties are not included in the price.

Via: AppleInsider

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