Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will feature Bixby 2.0

A Samsung researcher confirmed at an AI conference


An artificial intelligence researcher has stated that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will feature the second-generation of the company’s virtual assistant Bixby.

Gray G. Lee, the head of the AI Centre under Samsung Research, has confirmed in an interview with the Korean Herald that the company’s next phone will feature an advanced Bixby platform.

The new version of Bixby is supposed to come with an updated natural language process, improved noise resistant capabilities and quicker response times.

The first phone to feature this new tech will be the Note 9, according to Lee. It’s unconfirmed if this new version of Bixby will make its way to other Samsung smartphones at a later date. The Note 9 is set to be revealed sometime in August, so more will likely be shown off then.

With what has leaked about the phone so far, the Note 9 poised to be a very forward thinking smartphone

Source: The Korean Herald