Zapdos is coming to Pokémon Go as May Research Breakthrough

It looks like Niantic will add a new legendary reward every month

Pokémon Go players who are close to a ‘Research Breakthrough’ might want to wait a little longer, because Niantic has confirmed that Zapdos as the mobile game’s next research reward.

Starting May 1st at 4pm ET, players will begin seeing new Research Tasks that involve flying and electric type Pokémon. There are also set to be new skill-based to challenge trainers. It’s likely that these will be similar to existing tasks like making five great throws, or landing three curveballs in a row.

This is a great change for the game as the reward for a Research Breakthrough has so far been limited to Moltres. Now that Zapdos has been confirmed, there is speculation that there will be a different legendary Pokémon every month.

This gives players who don’t compete in raids a fair chance to catch their share of legendary Pokémon.

Source: Niantic

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