Facebook is updating its fundraiser tool to make it easier to raise money

Eliminating fees and adding more categories

Facebook added a fundraising tool to its platform last year and now the social network is announcing three new features designed to make it easier for users to raise money.

Users will soon be able to pledge that they’ll match donations in a non-profit fundraiser. This is an easier way for the person setting up the fundraiser to share that they want to match donations, but it doesn’t seem like it will require any payment or promise of payment beforehand.

Pledge matches can be set up between $5 and $2,500 USD and will be available in the U.S. first with plans to release the feature in the rest of the world shortly after.

The social network is also announcing new funding categories. Users can now fundraise for families, faith, travel and volunteering. While some of these categories like travel seem weird to fundraise for, Facebook uses examples like mission trips or traveling for medical reasons to justify it as a category.

On a final note, Facebook is getting rid of the platform fee on fundraisers for personal causes. Previously users would have to pay a fraction of whatever they made to the social network, but now all the money donated will go towards the cause.

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