Facebook launches personal fundraising feature in Canada

Facebook fundraising

The holiday season is a time of giving, and Facebook wants to help with that by launching a new personal fundraising feature in Canada.

The feature, which has been available in the U.S. since May, allows users to create their own fundraisers on Facebook to help their causes reach wider audiences.

Starting today, Canadians can hold fundraisers for causes belonging to a variety of categories, including education, medical, crisis relief or funeral and loss.

Other users will be able to click on the profile of the person who created the fundraiser and the people who benefit from the fundraiser to learn more about them. A list of friends who have donated to the cause can be viewed as well.

To start fundraising:
1. On mobile devices, tap the menu icon and select ‘Fundraisers,’ or on desktop, visit facebook.com/fundraisers
2. Choose who you’ll be raising money for between a Friend, Yourself or Someone or Something Not on Facebook
3. Decide upon a fundraiser title and description

In concept, this seems to be a similar platform to crowdfunding site GoFundMe, although Facebook, by virtue of being a social media giant, has the benefit of having two billion monthly active users.

For more on fundraisers, check out Facebook’s guide here.