Your first few matches in PUBG Mobile are apparently full of bots

PUBG Mobile

If you booted up PUBG Mobile on your Android or iOS devices and miraculously won your first game, it might be time to curb your enthusiasm a little bit.

New reports have emerged that the already very popular mobile game is full of bots. The PC version of the game doesn’t feature AI-controlled opponents, so it would make sense for mobile players to assume they’re also fighting actual players in the surprisingly solid mobile version of PUBG.

The Verge reported a few days ago that the mobile version of PUBG utilizes bots in order to ease players into the experience. The more wins you manage to rack up, the lower the ratio of bots to real players becomes.

To an extent, this strategy makes sense for mobile as a platform, given how accessible the platform needs to be in order for a game to be successful. With this in mind, though, it’s strange the game’s developers Tencent weren’t upfront about the strategy.

While PUBG Mobile first soft launched on Android in Canada, the game is now globally available on iOS and Android. While I haven’t spent a significant time with the game, I’m actually surprised at how faithfully it recreates the PUBG experience on such a tiny display, complete with reasonably competent on-screen controls.

Via: The Verge, Kotaku

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