Atari’s retro console is called the ‘VCS,’ pre-order date to be announced in April

Atari VCS header

Atari’s upcoming ‘Ataribox,’ its first console in 20 years, is now officially called the Atari VCS. The name is a nod the Atari 2600’s infrequently-used full name, the Video Computer System.

According to Atari, the console will support pre-loaded retro Atari games, as well as “current titles from a range of studios.” As well, the VCS will offer a “full PC experience for the TV, bringing you streaming, applications, social, browsing, music, and more.”

Atari also unveiled two controller prototypes, the Classic Joystick and the Modern Controller. The Classic Joystick is reminiscent of the Atari 2600’s, while the Modern Controller more closely resembles contemporary controller designs. In particular, the Modern Controller looks like Microsoft’s Xbox One controller, featuring asymmetrical analog sticks and ABXY buttons.

Atari VCS controllers

Finally, Atari says it plans to announce a pre-order date for the VCS in April.

Atari hasn’t yet revealed any of the titles that will be on the VCS, nor has it confirmed what the system’s price will be.

However, the company will bring the VCS to the ongoing Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco later this week, so more information may soon be revealed.

Those interested in the VCS can sign up for a waitlist to receive launch updates when they become available.

Source: Ataribox

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