Nest Cam IQ now supports Google Assistant functionality

Nest IQ Cam

Nest’s smartest camera is now even smarter, as an over-the-air update for the indoor version of the Cam IQ now brings native support for Google Assistant.

The update grants the camera the requisite Google Assistant functions: perform searches, check the temperature and weather, add reminders and appointments to your Google Calendar, and more. It even allows you to use the Cam IQ as a control hub for other Nest cameras you own.

Nest also claims the update has made its Nest Aware alerts more intelligent, now being able to better recognize faces and differentiate an object in motion from a person. Nest Aware’s subscription model is being tweaked as well; most tiers now even out to about $1 CAD per day of recording and cloud storage per month (i.e. the $5 tier allows for five days of storage, $10 for 10 days of recording, while the $30 tier gives 30 days of 24/7 archival).

Source: Nest
Via: Engadget

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