Twitter’s new ‘Threads’ feature aims to make posting tweetstorms easier


Twitter has announced a new feature called ‘Threads’ that’s designed to connect multiple tweets together in order to make a more easily readable and comprehensive conversation thread.

When a user shares a number of tweets in quick succession about a specific topic or idea, the act is often referred to as a “tweetstorm.” Threads aim to make connecting two or more tweets more streamlined for both for readers and those sending out the tweets, giving users a simple way to combine multiple tweets into a coherent stream.

Threads are created by using a new ‘+’ button, allowing users to add an additional tweet to their conversation ‘Thread.’ Tweets can also be drafted ahead of time and then sent out simultaneously through a ‘Tweet All’ button.

When browsing Twitter, a new option called ‘Show this thread’ is also now available, allowing users to view a series of linked tweets.

Twitter says that its new Threads feature is primarily designed for users who want to provide ongoing commentary on a particular event or topic.

The social media platform recently increased its tweet limit from 140 to 280 characters, a controversial move that frustrated many long-time users who appreciated Twitter’s emphasis on brevity.

In an interesting act of timing, Twitter’s new Threads feature, which shares a number of similarities with social media aggregation platform Storify, has been announced on the same day the aforementioned company revealed plans to shutter operations.

Twitter says that that Threads is rolling out on iOS, Android and desktop “in the coming weeks.”

Source: Twitter 

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