Rogers to discontinue Extreme Text Messaging service on January 10, 2018


  • southerndinner

    Good. It was as idiotic as the stupid ringtones they had

    • It’s Me

      It was actually a useful feature for people that travel at all or those with multiple lines. Less important today because people are increasingly using other messaging options, but still useful.

    • But ringback was revolutionary! Na, that was a odd gimmick, glad thats gone at least.

      Extreme Messaging however, though it may seem simple/idiotic, it provided a service that cannot be replicated by an app. Being on the server side, it’s able to operate without the phone being connected.

  • rob

    What app can do all the things that Rogers provided with this service?

  • Oh Rogers. Why do you keep removing these features that made you unique?
    I remember at the time I had an iPhone 3G, I could set a musical tone that people would hear when calling me!
    Blocking the SMS at the network level was definitely an advantage, but the feature was hard to find.

    I hope they never remove the name caller ID, because this is what has been holding me to Rogers.

  • Huge blow of service – I accepted the One Number service going away, but extreme text offers a service thats not available elsewhere — I use it for copying my text messages so I have an archival of them in an email folder.

    • Eluder

      RON was far more useful than this I found. I remember when ETM launched I used it for one second and then moved on, but RON was a spectacularly useful service. This is sadly typical of Rogers though, they kill off anything that was a useful service to many, but not a cash cow for them.

    • Adam Malejko

      Ditto… and I haven’t found a capable ‘app’ that really does the same thing at all.

    • I used RON too — with myself having a legacy 6 GB Super Plan I don’t get extended coverage. So it really helped when I had no coverage.
      Same with Extreme messaging. With not having access to EXT or WiFi calling, the fact that extreme message was on the server end, meant I could still receive my texts even when I had no coverage (and find a means to respond if it were urgent)

      I guess RON was more useful, but when it got terminated, with extreme messaging available – there was at least somewhat of a workaround. Now with Extreme going away, what options do we have? Having the ability for copy to email from the server is awesome when on a plane, or traveling. Could even setup an auto reply for when you’re not in a coverage zone, can’t do that with a phone-based app.

  • Last week I ported all but one number from Rogers because they dumped OneNumber. I had just set up all my online services to text their 2FA codes to my sole remaining Rogers number and now this. God, Canada’s cell providers suck.

  • DavidBerman

    I also really on the server side functionality to archive to email. has anyone asked Rogers what is the app they are referring to that can replace the functionality?