CBC to launch subscription service for $4.99

Canada’s broadcasting corporation is looking to get into the over-the-top streaming game


  • Ian

    A two-tier digital CBC would be criticized by the Trudeau Liberals if they were in opposition but since they’re government, it’s fine?

    • Kitty Burgers

      Valid point. Something to think about.

  • MoYeung

    Doesn’t CBC receive funding from the federal government every year?
    Why would I want to pay extra for a regime-funded TV and Radio station?

    • southerndinner

      Because unlike other media companies they aren’t entirely evil?

    • Literally make no sense. The CBC as far as I’m concerned is the most “evil” of them all. CBC lost my respect the day they shut down their live broadcasts outside of major cities. They happily receive taxpayer money while throwing rural and many urban Canadians alike under the bus and replace it with a paid streaming service most rural residents can’t even watch.

      I get CTV and Global but not even my tax funded public network. If that’s how it’s going to be, defund them.

    • southerndinner

      Yes, defund them so that when net neutrality comes to Canada, every media outlet will put a blackout on anything that would go against their interests.

      Do you really think it’s a surprise that stories about Bell being a terrible company to work for came from CBC and not CTV?

      CBC isn’t perfect by any means but given the media/telecom consolidation going on in Canada and around the world, I consider them a necessity as long as there are no viable anti trust laws to prevent CTV from being owned by Bell, Sportsnet from being owned by Rogers or Global from being purchased from Shaw.

    • MoYeung

      So much treachery from ctv, global and ctv… That’s why CBC receives government funding to run as independent.

      Problem is I already pay taxes to the federal government like GST.

    • Captain H. Morgan

      You forgot the extra taxes you pay to federal from the salary you are receiving every two weeks.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      The way to fix that is force the internet and cellular companies to divest of content ownership. You can either own the piepline or the content, not both. Never should have allowed the vertical integration of these into country dominating behemoths.

    • Ian

      Outside of metropolitan areas the best sources for local news are local newspaper and/or radio stations, their websites and their social media feeds. CBC, CTV and Global let everyone down in rural and small town areas.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      They are complete one sided scum. The Toronto Star of TV but funded by taxpayers.

    • Ryan Stanfield

      Maybe they’re testing this option out in case they lose Government funding and/or get more expensive content like Red Green?

    • bmccull

      The over-the-air TV product has always had ads. The subscription fee is just a way of avoiding those ads.

  • Briton Wells

    If I can chromecast it, shut up and take my money

    • Ryan Stanfield

      You can and it’s so much better than CraveTV/CTV. Even their interface on web and Android is better. The live streaming without cable is a plus too.

  • Do Do

    Don’t tax payers already pay for the cbc?

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Yes unfortunately.

  • jon

    So what kinda content does CBC offer, will i still need a existing tv subscription?

  • jon

    Also idk if im willing to pay $5 a month for CBC’s garbage,

  • Doug_M

    The CBC should be privatized and the $1.1 billion per year spent on installing fibre internet service to remote communities.

  • 魔鬼

    Their rating is bad enough when it is free
    I doubt there would generate much revenue from paid subscription service

  • blueadept1

    Great move. Their use of antiquated 3rd party streaming partners has puzzled me for years. Now I can finally cancel cable and still get CBC for free as I should!

    • George Jia

      Not exactly for free.

    • blueadept1

      Article says there will be free and premium. Premium will be ad-free.

  • Wunsch

    Hopefully the Android roll-out in April includes a good Android TV app. The CBC News is about the only thing left that I regularly use my cable for. $4.99/month is cheaper.

    • George Jia

      CBC HD can be viewed OTA, not sure why you need cable for that.

    • Wunsch

      The regular CBC channel, sure, but not the CBC News channel. It’s a separate channel that runs news 24/7 (aka, it’s running news any time I want it, not just at specific times).

  • I like that there is a free tier. Gives more choice

  • bryguy76

    It launched yesterday, I’ve already subscribed, and I love it.
    The free component includes all of the on-demand content CBC offers on their site; the paid tier includes live streaming of all of their channels (including News World)

  • N00bicals

    But will it be in HD? Not too long ago they were asking $8 a month for a SD live feed of CBC TV, atrocious!