Canadians can now enjoy Neil Young’s high quality streaming archive

A screenshot of the Neil Young Archives

Starting today, Neil Young fans in Canada, and across the globe, can start exploring the legendary singer-songwriter’s back catalogue online with the launch of the Neil Young Archives.

Announced back in April, the archive includes almost every single song or album Young has released since 1963 (notably missing from the platform are a couple of Buffalo Springfield songs, including the classic “For What it’s Worth“). That said, included in the archive is Young’s newest album, his 39th studio album to date, “The Visitor,” which he just released today. According to the website, the archive will grow in the days and years to come.

Young has described the platform as “a place you can visit and experience every song I have ever released in the highest quality your machine will allow.” Included with each song are materials like newspaper clippings and photos.

Until June 30th, fan can use the archive for free. After that date, a welcome email from the website says individuals will be able to subscribe to the platform “at a very modest cost.” Every song on the archive is streamed by Xstream, an offshoot of Young’s Pono project, with audio quality maxing out an impressive 192kHz/24-bit if you have the internet bandwidth to support it.

One thing to note is that the archive is currently unavailable to stream via mobile devices. It also features an interface that’s unintuitive in its attempt to look like a real life archive. If can get past those minor blemishes, however, the website is a fascinating journey through more than 50 years of music history.

Source: Neil Young Archives Via: CTV, The Verge