Ontario Provincial Police launch pilot ‘safe zone’ for online property transactions


  • h2oflyer

    When I sell a phone on Kijiji, I ask for the meet to be outside a carrier store or kiosk in a mall. Best for everyone.

  • Manuel Orellana

    If people want to harm you they’ll do it anywhere. If you’re picking up a phone you can have people watching you the exchange walks fine, someone follows you out to your car without you knowing and that’s the end of that. Same thing if you’re meeting at a tim hortons, transaction goes fine, they nail you when you walk out. It’s funny I often ask people for an e-mail money transfer because I don’t want to walk around with cash, most people are ok with that, but when you offer it to them stating how much safer it is than carrying cash people are ignorant and prefer cold hard cash that someone can hold you up for and steal before you get in your car.

    This is a great idea, I hope it goes grows and becomes available everywhere.

  • MoYeung

    So unsafe and crime-ridden North America…

  • Matthew Thiessen

    As someone who works at a Telus dealer, we’re usually more than happy to mediate and check serial numbers for phones that people are trying to sell over Kijiji or LetGo. It makes us feel better that there is less stolen property out there that we may have to confiscate or report. It also helps us get customers looking to set up plans or buy accessories for their new phones and we usually offer a small discount for those who are. So it ends up being a win/win for all parties involved as everyone gets a little piece of mind.