Jean-Claude Van Johnson starring JCVD launches December 15th on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is launching a new original series called Jean-Claude Van Johnson. The series stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, who plays the role of John-Claude Van Damme who goes under the alias of Johnson.

In the show, Johnson is the man called when people need to eliminate political rivals, overthrow an entire government, or cripple a multinational corporation.

Van Damme accomplishes these goals as an undercover private contractor, though he’s been retired for years. Following a true action movie trope, a chance encounter with a “lost love” brings him back out of retirement.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson also stars Kat Foster (from Your Family or Mine) who plays Vanessa, Moises Arias (from Hannah Montana) as Luis and Phylicia Rashad (from Creed) as Jane.

The first season of Jean-Claude Van Johnson is set to premiere on December 15th exclusively through Amazon Prime Video.