The Alberta government wants to install smart thermostats and advanced power bars in your home

Albertans who sign up can also receive LED light bulbs, high-efficiency shower heads, and faucet aerators


As per the province’s ‘Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program,’ residents of Alberta are eligible to receive a free Ecobee smart thermostat, as well as free home installation.

Residents simply need to sign up for the program through the Efficiency Alberta website. Eligible residents will receive their home installation “within one year from the time that you registered for the program.”

The offer is also available to residents who live in condos or apartment buildings, as well as both rural and urban Albertans.

In addition to the thermostat, the government is also offering to replace inefficient light bulbs with LED bulbs, inefficient power bars with advanced power bars, as well as high-efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators and even nightlights.

According to the Efficiency Alberta website, “all products being installed are Ecofitt branded products, with the exception of the Ecobee thermostat.”

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