The Alberta government wants to install smart thermostats and advanced power bars in your home

Albertans who sign up can also receive LED light bulbs, high-efficiency shower heads, and faucet aerators


  • SV650

    Already have taken advantage of Alberta’s previous promotion: $1 for LED bulbs, and $2 for dimmable LED bulbs. Looks like the Alberta government is getting serious about residential energy savings!

  • Jim

    Ontario is offer the same program. BUT, I had my furnace rrplaced last week and my contractor warned me that with similar programs the supplied tstats did not accurately represent the actual room temps and they were the cause of no heat issues. Food for thought. I dont know if they are reprogramming the supplied tstats or what but I do trust the contractor I had in to do the work. He did not sell me a tstat with the furnace. He did offer but did not pressure me to get my programmable tstat out.

    • Roger

      I have the Ecobee3 and it works well with my sensor in my kid’s bedroom for sleep times, other times, it uses the main unit’s sensor. I like it so far after 7 months.

  • johny

    savings = higher energy prices.. cant really win.

    • Person_from_Porlock

      I don’t understand… Are you implying that the cost of the smart thermostats will drive up the energy costs?

    • john smith

      lower usage = lower revenue for utilities

  • Joseph

    This has been around for about 8-9 months now and it’s taking them forever cause of so many installs……

  • Dealaama

    A free Ecobee smart thermostat, as well as free home installation ???Please dont pass the wrong info.