Bell MTS increases price of home phone, TV and internet services


  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    Bell buys the competition and raises prices.
    Did ANYBODY not see this coming?

    • Justin

      Many of us did, pushed back and concerned. However nothing we can do because the Competition Bureau approved it

  • Ricky Bobby

    Sorry Manitoba. Bell doesn’t use lube

  • Anonymous Agent

    Who even needs a home phone these days anyway. That’s what a cellphone is for and best of all your able to take it with you anywhere you go. And who even needs cable TV these days. While you can simply use Kodi and watch everything for free. And there’s also Netflix.

    • Doctor_Blackson

      Some people have family overseas or in the US and a home phone service is a cheaper option for just that.

    • Formetoknow Andyoutofindout

      I can add unlimited calling to a certain country on my Telus cell plan for an extra $10-20 depending on the country.

    • Anonymous Agent

      Skype and WhatsApp is free. FaceTime is also free.

    • Anonymous Agent

      Skype is free to call people anywhere in the world. WhatsApp calling and video calling is free to anywhere in the world. Like I said no needs a home phone anymore.

  • Brad Fortin


  • CoryB

    I am impacted but this is the exact same increases MTS was doing for years before they even entered into formal discussions with Telus and Bell on a possible sale.

    It is also worth mentioning it is often misquoted Bell said they would not increase fees for a year. The correction there is Bell is ONLY leaving wireless untocuhed and it was not included in these changes. Wireless rates for existing customers are of course generally protected under contract.