Bell receives final regulatory approvals for MTS acquisition, deal set to close March 17th


  • Jesse

    “Bell MTS is also announcing today that we will maintain current MTS wireless price plans for at least 12 months after the closing of the acquisition.”

    Then after that they will skyrocket!

    • It’s Me

      Nice way to signal their partners at Rogers that rates will be going up shortly.

  • Leif Shantz

    Goodbye to unlimited data $90 plans….
    Hello to 2GB $90 plans….
    Thank you CRTC for years of extraordinary service to Canadians!! (Sarcasm)

    • It’s Me

      If you are in Manitoba, you are in for a world of hurt soon.

    • Leif Shantz

      I’m lucky to live in SK, where we will enjoy lower rates for a little longer, but because of our Premier (Brad Wall) wastefully adding millions to the deficit, there is a chance that SaskTel will be sold off and we’ll be like the rest of Canada in cell phone rates unless the CRTC forces whoever buys SaskTel to sell some spectrum to Shaw/Freedom.

      BTW I wonder what will happen to the people who are used to the generous data plans, will they cut their usage by 70-80% because of the artificially high prices the big three charge for data?

    • The competition bureau approved this merger, not the CRTC.

  • Techguru86

    Would have preferred to see Shaw by them out instead of Bell buying again. Another reason to not support the Big 3 in most of Canada’s market, we need better pricing and we are not getting it from RObelus

  • Andrew

    Looks like on March 17 I will be canceling my MTS services and switching to Shaw. When my MTS phone contract expires I will look into Xplornet, Telus or Rogers. This just proves MTS, Bell, and the Canadian Competition Bureau are complete BS. So much for “we’re with you” MTS.

  • Brad Fortin

    The deal went through, time to raise rates!

    “Bell MTS is also announcing today that we will maintain current MTS wireless price plans for at least 12 months after the closing of the acquisition,”

    … in exactly 12 months.

  • Justin

    I am very curious to see how they are going to sort us customers out, of who’s being sold off to Telus or XPlornet and who gets to stay as a Bell MTS customer.

  • xtess3ractx

    I still can’t believe the competition bureau passed this. It’s completely moronic.

    I do know Shaw partners with Xplorenet for rural internet though.

    They should have not let Bell buy them and let Telus instead. That way there’d be decent west/east competition. Telus,Shaw/Bell,Rogers

  • fruvous

    “At least” I’m sure they have a big count down clock and letters already preprinted telling people their rates are going up.

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