Eero’s second generation mesh Wi-Fi products now available in Canada

The arrival marks the first time Eero's products have come to this country


  • Dan man

    picked up two onhubs for 220 dollars working great so far in mesh. Cannot justify the extra 330 dollars or even the extra 200 dollars. Maybe if i had a bigger house?

  • Stephen_81

    I’m going to check out reviews of these, I’m moving in September and the new house is has tones of dead zones with the centrally placed router. I’d like something simple and ideally something that can have one nod outside to cover the back deck

  • In our tests the eero 2nd generation is certainly better than the 1st generation, yet there a few other products that get better grades for lower prices.

    • Stephen_81

      do share, what other products got better results, and what results were better?

      range from each unit?
      hand offs?
      set up?
      power consumption?
      thruput across the network?
      how are you rating these?

  • mike m

    i have 4 google wifi points. sucks i now have gigabit internet and this may not long work