Rogers posts strong Q2 wireless revenues, total subscriber base now at 10,399,000


  • Doctor_Blackson

    So did my bills #notsurprising

  • Techguru86

    Not surprising since they allow pretty much everyone, wonder who they’re all coming from

  • Rj

    Who would have thought increasing pricing to consumers would lead to increased revenue… what a revelation!!

  • samsvoc

    Robbers true customers, are their shareholders not the 10+ million paying subscribers.

  • Ian

    I got off Robelus and onto Freedom Mobile to save money. For now I’m putting up with the weaker connectivity but I have hope it will improve.

  • FTR_Part_deux

    About 4 years ago I switched from Rogers to Telus because of dead zones along the 401 from Oshawa to Montreal. Telus had great consistent cell reception and stayed with them for a few years. Rogers had a pretty good promo and thought perhaps they have improved the reception and signed back to Rogers. I shoulda known….nothing has improved. When the phone is paid off, I’m going back to Telus.

    • xeronine992

      Why not use an unlocking service, and bite the bullet and cancel? Net result is you paid the same for the phone. At least you’re not paying for sub standard service in the meantime!

    • ComplacencyKills

      Well, you’re basically using Bell, although Telus frontline service is better

    • FTR_Part_deux

      Telus certainly has some great customer service.

  • Cornfed710

    Normally I’d promote Public Mobile now, but 🙁

  • Ricky Bobby

    It’s like Dirk Woessner was bored and left Rogers for an actual challenge – in a more competitive environment.