CRTC’s new head will be former Telus executive Ian Scott


  • Victor Creed

    Yay! Price increases and less data for everyone! Woo!

    Trudeau ftw

    • It’s Me

      Justin is in so far over his head, appointments like this should simply be expected.

    • Victor Creed

      I certainly wouldn’t bet against it

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      If you look at the coverage by Bell and Roger’s media arms they tend to be glowing on the shiny pony.

  • vn33

    Guess we shouldn’t expect anything that resemble consumer-friendly decisions coming from CRTC anytime soon!!

    • Victor Creed

      Quite the opposite actually

  • Ricky Bobby

    This is a joke right?

    Expecting Usage Based Billing to be back on the table again

  • nekkidtruth

    This is absolute horseshit.

  • SV650

    Deleted. Clarified on rereading post.

    • nekkidtruth

      Yes they are 2 different companies. It’s right there in the article. He’s previously worked for Telesat AND Telus.

  • me

    I really liked Blais. While he wasn’t perfect, I thought he made some good moves to protect consumers.

    I hope Scott doesn’t reverse all of this.

  • specialk2000

    Probably in the Telus’s/the other Big 3’s pockets.

  • samsvoc

    Hell has frozen over.

  • Aidolon

    While I have some… reservations… about this appointment, I think we should wait and see how things turn out before getting too hot under the collar.

    Many Americans raged upon Tom Wheeler’s appointment as chairman of the FCC for similar reasons (past work as a lobbyist), but in the end he turned out to be a major force for good.

    Hopefully a similar story plays out here. We’ll find out soon enough, either way…

  • Pigs Can Fly

    Welp, CRTC just became less consumer friendly.

  • We are now screwed. No wonder I couldn’t get help on Freedom’s LTE band for BYOD customers! I’m taking it to CTV W5 and any other mdia I can. Now if Freedom would make their SIM cards Band 66 LTE ready so that BYOD customers could pop it in their phones, Freedom Mobile would get even more customers.

  • Leif Shantz

    Yuck!!! I think the CRTC should be investigated for collision and dismantled ASAP!!!!

  • David

    The big 3 are vertically and horizontally integrated media and telecommunications empires. In any other country, where less regulation in protected sectors is now common, this sort of power by so few companies would not be allowed.

    The government still keeps this industry protected and legislative action is non-existent to loosen things like foreign ownership.

    So, a Telus executive running the CRTC? Yup, it sounds as effective as a US-Russia Cyber Security coalition.

    I didn’t want to believe there was collusion. I didn’t want to believe the CWTA and CCTS were lobbying organizations. I also didn’t want to believe the CRTC was another pawn that aided the big 3. But here it is, they don’t even hide it anymore. Execs jump between companies like best friends, they swap customers in places like Manitoba and now they walk into cushy government appointments.

    I can sit and watch a Rogers owned sports team, that also owns the arena, broadcast rights, channels, magazines, wireless, cable, wired internet and others networks, I ask, will this new CRTC appointment have me in his mind?

    • Basil

      Two points: Telus pulled out of the CWTA in 2014, and Telus does not have a media production empire, unlike Rogers and Bell. Just thought I would point out those inaccuracies in an otherwise good post.

    • ComplacencyKills

      Telus CEO championed hard against Verizon coming to Canada.
      Telus has offshore and continues to offshore a significant part of there frontline to the Philippines.
      Telus and Bell basically share a network.
      Telus decided not to invest in media because they see more money in healthcare (that’s why they want people to trust them)
      It’s tiring to see people act like Telus is some saviour. On the customer service side they do a good job, I’ll admit. On the financial side, they also do a great job at ripping people off and pretending to care

    • John Lofwire

      *So, a Telus executive running the CRTC? Yup, it sounds as effective as a US-Russia Cyber Security coalition.*

      you lost all credibility after thats phrase.

  • gommer strike

    Oh come on, wouldn’t bringing someone in, who knows all the ins and outs, how corners are cut, how things are done in the back alleys, be the perfect person to police against these very strategies?

    Darn it.

  • Do Do

    Fantastic, same old same old

  • TechRanger

    “With great power comes great responsibility” as they say… One thing is for sure, this appointment will bring change – time will tell if Mr. Ian Scott uses his knowledge and experience for the benefit of us Canadians or if this appointment is to soothe the three headed, Cerberus that is our bane in our telecom industry! May his actions speak to his integrity and character!

  • YankeeJatt

    Good way to get party funds (election donations) from big 3

  • villain

    LOL (literally the only sensible reply I could come up with)