Public Mobile offers new 3G data plans while increasing 4G prices


  • In other words, I will never ever give up my $40 for 4GB plan…. I am on auto pay and have referred 4 family members and my cost is $34 + tax a month. With my anniversary date is coming on Dec, my plan will become $33….

    • Troublemaker

      You’d have to be nuts. Me neither!

    • canucks4life

      They will eventually pry it from our hands

    • Omis

      Then it’s back to Freedom

    • Brandon Arneson

      im on Freedom mobiles Everywhere59 plan and i enjoy my unlimited 3G and LTE data whether im on freedoms 3G and LTE network or Roaming off Rogers3G and LTE in Alberta as well as Telus3G or in eastern canada id roam off Rogers and Bells 3G and LTE Networks. I even pay $10 extra so i have 11GB of high speed data on Freedoms 3G and LTE Network before im throttled.

    • deltatux

      Same here, just not as much in terms of referrals.

    • vn33

      I’m sure they will fine a way to pry some more money out of us!! 🙁

  • It’s Me

    Good things have to come to an end, especially when owned by the big 3.

  • will

    Once again the one of the Big 3 screwing us Canadians….and the government does nothing for us!!!

    • Avgvstvs

      They’re not one of the “Big 3”. They’re a 4th smaller fish…but they have big aspirations. It just took some critical mass (e.g. above 1M subs) to become more greedy. Enjoy the plans which are disappearing.

    • CheeseAvatar

      everyone but Videotron and Freedom are the Big Three

      Telus = Koodo = Public
      Rogers = Fido = Chatr
      Bell = Virgin.

      So yeah Public is part of the “Big Three” reguardless of how they want to spin it

    • Gabriel Macys

      Public Mobile is owned by Telus, one of the three biggest thieves in the price fixing cartel that is Canadian telecom and internet services.

    • MoYeung

      Because Canadians are sheeple… I prefer losers though.

  • Coming back to Canada after being in the US for a while. Was going to go Public Mobile but it doesn’t really seem as great a deal anymore, specially when I’m going to be living in a Freedom mobile’s LTE zone in Ottawa. 8 Gig of LTE in their zone, 1 gig LTE in any away(Canada/US)zone and unlimited at throtled speeds if I go over. All for 59 with unlimited text and phone.
    More reason to support the upcoming players. Public Mobile is showing that if they are a subsidiary of the Big three they are still the big 3

    • Johnny Apollo

      Buddy. If your moving to Ottawa go with Videotron. By far the best value and tower sharing with Rogers LTE for national coverage.

    • Do I have to fake living in Gatineau and get a Gatineau number?

    • djino

      Ottawa residents can sign up with videotron with a 613 number. No need to fake living in Gatineau.

    • Techguru86

      Freedom now has national coverage LTE with all the big 3, look what rock have you been living under ? And no band 66 requirements out their

    • Brandon Arneson

      im on their Everywhere59 plan and i enjoy my unlimited 3G and LTE data whether im on freedoms 3G and LTE network or Roaming off Rogers3G and LTE in Alberta as well as Telus3G or in eastern canada id roam off Rogers and Bells 3G and LTE Networks. I even pay $10 extra so i have 11GB of high speed data on Freedoms 3G and LTE Network before im throttled.

  • CJ

    The public mobile community forums are livid with this. Topics are everywhere, some people are concerned if their $40/4gb plans will eventually increase (im on that plan). Some people are now actually referring people to other companies now

  • Steven Morehouse

    I signed up recently on a 90 day plan that I’m happy with… When that 90 days is up, am I paying the new higher rates, or am I “locked in”?

    • Shawn B

      if autopay is left on, you will only ever pay your current rate unless PM goes out of business which is not that unlikely now.

  • bigfabfan

    I was with freedom and the reception was awful, just awful.. There were times when I had no reception. At all?, for up to 1 hour or more.. A neighbor who lived in the basement had to go outside to make a call, on Wind, same company. Anyone else have that experience?

    • Russell Robinson

      Wind/Freedom is not the same as Public Mobile. Public is owned by Telus and has proper coverage

    • Brandon Arneson

      I dont have that problem with Freedom Mobile and i am on their LTE Ready Everywhere59 plan which has Free Canada and USA Roaming with unlimited data whether im on Freedom Mobiles network or roaming off Rogers 3G&LTE in Alberta as well as Telus3G. Freedoms network is built extremely well in Edmonton Alberta and the 6 surrounding cities with home coverage its sad that Ontario and BC cant be built the same way but its probally because Ontario and BC are both full of hills and mountains that block signals and Alberta is flat so signals go further

    • A. Abella

      no problem with freedom. been with it for 5 years already, the signal is getting better

  • jer

    Seriously Wireless Carriers are Robbing Canadians, who cares about how fast they are when the limits are so low and the prices are high. Government get special plans with unlimited data, why would they care what common folk need.

    • Governenent do get corporate rate plans but only 30% off of Telus’ and Rogers’ advertised prices…so still too much. They aren’t getting a giant deal, so most of them look at Public Mobile/Chatr/Freedom etc

  • Andrew Holt

    My guess is, when we eventually do get “unlimited” data plans, they will only be offered at 3G speeds for all of the data.

  • hunkyleepickle

    What the definition of 3g here anyway, like HSPA+? I’d mostly be satisfied with that if it was high quality coverage. But please stop obfuscating the definitions of these things to fool the masses.

    • R47_R47

      By the sounds of it, it’s HSPA+, but with the speed throttled to 2.5 mb/s max

    • jeneral

      3G should’ve been 14 Mb/s for HSPA or 21 Mb for HSPA+. This crippled 3G barely qualifies for the name. Very disappointing plans.

  • Xiaohan Jin

    I will not give up my $40 4Gb fall promo plan.
    As I have auto pay set up and 20 referrals, makes it down to $18/mo and soon to be $17 as the anniversary approaching.

    • Erwin_Ign

      Is that 4GB /month or 90 days? That actually sounds like a deal

    • vn33

      The Fall promo was 12Gb/90days for $120. Although it averages to 4Gb/month, they give you all 12Gb ahead, so you get to use all 12Gb across the 90 days as you see fit.

  • cbstryker

    What’s with people still calling 3G speeds “4G”? I thought we were all past this.

  • Makkahn Mack

    I’m with PM, I love their Coverage, and have at least a Decent Plan
    90 Day Term

    Unlim Can_Wide US+Global Txt+6GB for $150

    Take that same Plan, and add $60 on top
    That what PM Just did was outrageous and possibly an Insult to our Intelligence. Just saying, No Pun or Disrespect intended, BUT Concerned and Frustrated

  • Ricky Bobby

    Not sure if you guys noticed but this is the year 2008.

    We’re living in a world where this is a good deal, and Obama could be the first black president in US History

  • Nicolas S

    I’m on that 90 day plan with 12GB LTE and unlimited provincial talk and international text. I’ve refereed so many people my referral discount is $39 + $6 of autopay discount. Happier than ever! for phones I just buy them outright second hand from Kijiji. Stop wasting so much money people on new handsets at retail price and paying $100 a month for a cell plan. Do the math in 10 years of overpaying that amount could be a downpayment for a house, just not in Toronto lol

    • canucks4life

      You really think PM will grandfather that plan for 10 years?

    • Nicolas S

      In case that they can’t, they have to offer me something comparable, its in every single wireless agreement and it’s the reason why companies can’t take away grandfather plans from people and come up with *new plans* to get them to drop those plans.

  • NK

    At this rate, the subscriber growth will flatline, they’ll shutter Public Mobile and come up with something different, bye-bye to the 120 day 12gb plan..

  • Makkahn Mack

    I think PM may have made a extremely critically UNSAFE move with this 3G Plan Nonsense.
    CCTS and CRTC need to really get involved and SHUT That 2 Tier System DOWN, as it is, and FORCE Telus to PLAY by the RULES, NETWORK Neutrality+Net Neutrality= FAIRNESS

  • Makkahn Mack

    Double-Standard is NOT the Answer. it ONLY brings UNCONSUMER Unhappiness, Frustration, and could potentially DESTROY the Telecommunications Industry in Canada possibly Permanent

  • Makkahn Mack

    We as Canadians should NOT let this stand

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