Facebook has 23 million monthly users in Canada

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To mark the country’s 150th birthday, Facebook has released a variety of statistics regarding its Canadian user base. Specifically, the company says there are 23 million Canadians using Facebook each month.

Some other Canadian-related figures include:

  • Every day, there are 2.1 million friendships made with a Canadian across the world
  • One in every five people who use Facebook across the globe has added at least one Canadian friend
  • Top five countries with the most Canadian friends (in order): United States, Philippines, India, Brazil and United Kingdom
  • Canadians have created more than 6.5 million Groups to connect with people with shared interests
  • Canadians have created more than 26.8 million Facebook events

As for Instagram, Facebook says there are 8.5 million monthly users in Canada. What’s more, Canadians have uploaded 1.4 billion active photos and 79.3 million active videos to date, with an average of two million photos uploaded every day.

Most Instagrammed Canadian landmarks

Some of the most Instagrammed landmarks are Niagara Falls (Ontario), the CN Tower (Toronto), Vieux-Port de Montréal, Canada Place (Vancouver) and Capilano Suspension Bridge (Vancouver).

Unsurprisingly, Canadians follow major national sports teams, such as the Toronto Blue Jays, the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Meanwhile, hashtags that Canadians use most often are #VanCity, #TorontoLife, #MadeinCanada, #WeTheNorth, #MTLMoments and #ExploreAlberta.

In related news, Facebook also announced earlier this week that Instagram Stories has hit 250 million daily users — surpassing Snapchat’s user count.

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