Metrolinx is looking for a partner to bring Wi-Fi to GO Transit vehicles

An image of a GO Transit bus

Your daily commute could soon come with a side of free internet.

In a public expression of interest, Metrolinx has officially put forth a request for a partner that will help the transit company bring Wi-Fi to its trains and buses.

“Metrolinx knows that Wi-Fi is a top priority for customers, and we’re currently investigating the potential of providing this complimentary service and whether it is feasible to make available on GO Trains and GO Buses,” said Alex Burke, senior advisor for media relations and issues at Metrolinx, in an email statement.

Metrolinx hopes to find a partner that will be able to provide a “fully managed turnkey Customer Wireless Internet” for GO Transit customers.

Any groups interested in a potential partnership have until June 22nd, 2017 to respond.

Once the deadline passes, Metrolinx expects that the contract will be awarded “later this year.”

Free Wi-Fi is currently available at almost all GO stations and bus terminals, as well as Union-Pearson Express trains.

Source: Metrolinx

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