Google makes it easier for RCS-enabled carriers to communicate


  • It’s Me

    No end to end encryption, only client to server. No wonder Google’s pushing this so hard.

    • thereasoner

      Yet Google has end to end encryption available to those who want it in their Allo messenger.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, but we’re not talking about allo. We’re talking a about a new global standard and googles attempts to have it all flow through the hub. Maybe google is spending millions doing this for the carriers because they are just nice guys. Or maybe having access to data from billions of messages using the new standard perfectly fits their data model of data mining.

      And even messenger is off by default. Insecure by default isn’t great but I guess allowing the users to enable it is something.

    • thereasoner

      “Maybe google is spending millions doing this for the carriers because they are just nice guys”
      …or they’re setting up a hub that allows RCS features to work among the various carriers messaging apps so that it’s actually doable?

      “Or maybe having complete access to data from billions of messages using the new standard perfectly fits their business model of data mining.”
      I’m sure that if it can improve services like Google Now or enhance the capabilities of Googles AI Assistant they will provide the user the option to share.

      “And even in Allo it is off by default. Insecure by default isn’t great but I guess allowing the users to enable it is something. Even if enabling encryption means losing the best features”

      Yes, you need to choose incognito mode for end to end encryption if you want to keep something private or you’re a drug dealer etc. Same as a browser tho so it’s intuitive and yes as previously mentioned those awesome features from Google can be enhanced with more excellent features if you choose to share. Obviously, if you go incognito the AI Assistant can’t interact with your messages and offer related services but why are you criticizing that ? You’ve made it clear that you’re a privacy nut who would never be interested in awesome game changing features like Google Now.

    • It’s Me

      So, you’re going with the nice guys theory. OK.

    • thereasoner

      Not really. From what I’ve read so far it would be very difficult and rather clunky not to mention expensive for carriers to set up seperate connections to each others RCS service. Google wants the enhanced messaging feature for Android devices and carriers are interested as well. A central hub makes it much easier for both so it’s a win win.

    • It’s Me

      Yup, win-win. Google spends like crazy to help the carriers not have to invest the time and money and google gets access to billions of messages to mine for data. Everyone wins. Nice guys those googlers.

      (And maybe if Rob Fords drug dealers had more respect for privacy you wouldn’t have had to try to convince people the video was fake 😀 )

    • thereasoner

      The real winners are Android users who want the service and it remains to be seen if Google can even mine anything without user consent. This is an interesting quote from an article on this subject from this site,

      “Sarhangi says Android Messages cannot employ end-to-end encryption due to local intercept laws. However, he was quick to note that Google treats private information “very carefully.”

      I’m curious as to what those “laws” are, I’ll look into it more over the weekend.

    • It’s Me

      Laws in certain countries requiring access to intercept comms. Some companies take a stand and employ end to end, others don’t mind a little blood on their hands and ensure they can accommodate “lawful” access requests regardless of how repressive the regime making the request might be.

      It’s all good. Just privacy nuts worried about stuff Iike that.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, I’m about following the law so good for Google for doing so in this case. That and of course as a law abiding citizen I don’t need to worry about authorities getting access to my texts unlike unlawful types who will always use the various end to end encryption services available.

    • It’s Me

      That’s right. Google is your “trusted” friend. You are honestly Eric Schmidt’s wet dream.

      “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

      It’s like he puts it right in your mouth and happily accept it.

      Here’s a fun prank to play on your wife visits family back home. Send her a few “private” RCS messages saying “Duterte sucks balls” and “a coup would be great!”. Totally legal and boy would she be in for a fun time if Duterte has enough “lawful” requests into Google for data access. You guys will be laughing for weeks, though she might not walk right for just as long. As long as it’s all legal, right?

      The more you talk the more o understand how people like Rob Ford and Donald Trump get elected. They rely on unthinking masses. No wonder you were such a Ford Nation cheerleader. You are an unfortunate stereotype.

    • Jayson Stephenson

      Because RCS is a replacement to SMS not IM messengers. It will never get End-to-End encryption. But still slightly better security than SMS.

    • It’s Me

      Lots better from a functionality perspective. Lack of security is unfortunate. Google’s interest in pushing everyone to use their solution is completely understandable.

    • thereasoner

      Why do I need to “trust” Google with information that I don’t consider private?…and what part about using various end to end encryption messaging services for sensitive or private text don’t you understand?

      The more I talk with you the more I realize that your perspective on things is totally governed by delusional presumptions, paranoia and hate. If you were to ever gain mental health one day you would look back at how you carried yourself online and shake your head in disgust…like everyone else does.

    • It’s Me

      End to end encryption? We’re talking about RCS. There is no end to end encryption with RCS. That seems to keep going over your head.

      You keep trying to shift the conversation away from RCS. It’s cute. Were you ever actually on Rob Fords campaign teams? Because your attempts to avoid the subject with awkward subject changes is very Ford like. Maybe you just picked up his style?

      Talk about shaking your head in disgust. You really should be hanging it in shame.

    • thereasoner

      Lmao! I love it how you sit there, sometimes for hours and wait for me to post! It’s frigging hilarious how obsessed you are with both me and Apple. You literally started typing seconds after clicked on Post as… Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha !

      I must really get under your skin :-). What a shame, I hope you’re not losing any sleep over it…/s :-))

      Now, reply like like a good boy…

    • It’s Me

      There this thing called email notifications. Most of us get them when we get replies here. Didn’t you know that? All the times you’ve replied to me it’s because you’re monitoring for replies? Oh sunshine, that makes me cry a little bit on the inside for you.

      I don’t worry about you losing sleep over me. You lose enough sleep working those factory night shifts. At your age, still messing with your circadian rhythm isn’t healthy, physically, mentally or intellectually. Actually, that might explain some things about you. But if it’s already had such a degrading effect on you mentally and intellectually, your body must be falling apart (unless it’s just two of three 😉

    • Laer

      Telus spend many billions a year on upgrades, as do the rest of the carriers. RCS investment costs are fairly minor in the scope.

      I agree that the hub will encourage this uptake but it’s probably in the carriers best interest to establish peering relationships as well.

      All in I hope RCS doesn’t fall on its face I’m so over sms!

    • Brad Fortin

      That would be great if this were an article about Allo, but this is an article about RCS.

    • ciderrules

      Hey, the homophobic ahole is still here.

    • thereasoner

      Typical cider, attack the messenger with lies a name calling because you can’t deal with the message.

      How many times do you want moderators on you? Are you trying to set a record? Lol.