86 percent of iPhones now running iOS 10, which ‘blows away the other platform’

During Apple’s keynote presentation at WWDC 2017, Tim Cook announced this is “the biggest WWDC ever.” There were over 16 million registered developers in the program, up from 3 million last year and over 5,300 developers at WWDC attending WWDC 2017.

Following the announcement of Watch OS 4 and a slew of new Macs, Cook announced iOS 11 with a jab at the fragmented adoption of Google’s latest OS update, Android 7.0. Cook noted that 86 percent of iPhone users are now running on iOS 10, and “this blows away the other platforms.”

At the end of April, the combined number of devices running 7.0 and 7.1 hit 4.9 percent.

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