Apple macOS to be optimized for VR Software, will integrate with Valve, Unity and Unreal Engines

Apple’s newest macOS update, High Sierra, as well as the company’s updated iMacs are now optimized with native support for virtual reality.

MacOS High Sierra is powered by Metal 2 — an update to the Metal graphics accelerator first released in 2014.

Apple VR

Metal 2 comes with native support for virtual reality, which allows the newest iMacs to process high intensity VR programs.

Industrial Light and Magic’s (ILM) John Knoll’s took to the stage to showcase the iMacs’s capacity for virtual reality.

In a demo led by Epic Games’ Lauren Ridge, a scene was assembled from a Star Wars-related. Wearing an HTC Vive device, Ridge was able to compile and playback the scene in real-time.

Apple has been hinting for some time that it’s interested in pursuing some form of virtual reality, and the latest news from WWDC 2017 indicate that the Cupertino giant is ready to make a play in the VR market.