DxO Mark is helping OnePlus with the OnePlus 5’s camera


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  • JD

    Wooo so now they can buy 2nd place or Higher on DxO market

  • ChrisPollard77

    Yeah, this is just going to taint people’s views on DxO Mark, leading the idea that they can be bought, and not an “unbiased” 3rd party. On the other hand, it’s great that OnePlus has listened to the screaming fans who have begged for the best camera experience. So first, they need to source a really great sensor, give it a ridiculous f/1.0 aperture for low light, and fine tune the bejeezes out of the post-processing. The processing tends to be the differentiator in smart phone cameras. The LG G4 took great shots – if you did RAW capture and went to a third party solution to get your jpg. But out of the phone, straight up jpgs sucked like mad.

    Get low light right though , the rest falls in line. Oh … and video stabilization. It took OnePlus a LONG time to get it close to right on the OP3/3T.

    • It’s Me

      Completely agree. It’s great for an OEM to try to make the best. But hiring the party that designs the tests will leave open questions. Besides possibly tainting dxomark it opens the door to questioning whether the camera is being designed to game the tests to get the best test scores over the best real world results. It becomes design to meet bullet point specs instead of real world functionality (not that one necessarily conflicts with the other).

      Absolute kudos to OnePlus to pushing their camera. Not so sure it was a good idea to hire the previously independent tester. Dxomark should have really thought about how this might affect their credibility.

  • Brad Fortin

    Oh, so that’s how companies are supposed to get their devices ranked. No wonder DxOMark has completely neglected some recent flagships while still reviewing obscure and less popular devices.

  • Kitty Burgers

    I guess they want kudos for being “transparent” about it? LOL

  • Techguru86

    My friend has a Onepls3t and not really impressed with the camera, no better then my A5 2017 or DTEK50