Samsung to reveal three more Creative Lab projects at CES 2017

Samsung will display three more Creative Labs (C-Labs) products at CES 2017 after a successful showcase of the division’s projects in 2016.

This year, the C-Labs display will include one children’s toy and two skincare products. These products are known as the Tag +, S-Skin and Lumini, respectively.

Tag+ is a companion device that connects a child’s toys to an accompanying smartphone app through a Bluetooth. Children have the option to click, long-press, shake and bump the smart tag, which in turn activates different functionality within the Tag+ app. By shaking the device, for instance, Tag+ users can connect with one another over the app’s video calling functionality. The idea here is to extend the longevity of a child’s current set of toys. A tablet is required to use the device.


Furthermore, Samsung will display two skincare products at CES 2017. The first of these is S-Skin, a consumer skincare product comprised of a sensor kit and microneedle patch. The device is portable and can measure the hydration, redness, and melanin of the skin for the purpose of developing a customized LED light skincare treatment. The patch, meanwhile, uses a microneedle patch to penetrate the skin to inject specific ingredients. 


Lumini, on the other hand, is a device designed to detect skincare problems before they happen. After snapping a picture of one’s face, the device analyzes the information and sends it to a smartphone app. The device detects issues under the skin such as wrinkles, redness, pimples, freckles and so on.

Lumini also goes so far as to recommend skincare products to counteract these problems and will even suggest a consultation with a dermatologist or skincare specialist.


Samsung began showcasing C-Lab ideas at various exhibits earlier this year. Employees’ ideas are displayed and judged based on the public’s reaction to each product.

“Ideas from diverse areas from fashion and kids to beauty are being developed based on innovative technology and we will continue to seek for additional ideas across a broad spectrum,” said Jaiil Lee, vice president of creativity & innovation center at Samsung Electronics, in a statement. 

Five C-Labs products have been successfully spun-off. These include the Mangoslab, a smart printer that prints memos from smart devices to post-it-note paper; Jameasy, a device that helps users practice an acoustic musical instrument through a sensor module; Mopic, a smartphone cover that helps users view 3D content without glasses; Analogue Plus, a hands-free headgear device; and Welt, a stylish healthcare belt.


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